Monday, September 9, 2013

Miracles Do Happen and People Can Change!

Hello Everyone! Long time, I know. My real job is getting in the way of my true purpose in life job, but I'm back today and wanting to help you transition into a space that is good and healthy and liberating! I have been very lucky in the past few weeks as I've gotten confirmation from everyone around me that we're on the right track. It's difficult to convince people that eating healthier can truly change their health especially when those people are doctors and health care workers who laugh and make fun of you for trying to help patients change their habits. But I forged through and last week a miracle happened. A patient of mine (who agreed to be highlighted for this piece) came in with swelling to his legs. He is over 300 pounds, has Diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol, what we call Syndrome X. My patient came in with his wife and as we were talking, he disclosed some really private information. One of the stories he told me involved a neighbor beekeeper. Both my patient and his wife had started taking two teaspoons of honey daily and how it helped significantly with his breathing and COPD and her with her allergies. I asked them if they were interested in any other 'natural' cures, knowing it would be my segue or detour to or away from my food soapbox and they agreed that they were open to anything that would help him get off of medications. I said "What if I told you that if you change your foods to primarily fruits and vegetables, you may be able to stop some of the medications you're on". His wife interrupted me and said "But he can't eat the good stuff, because he doesn't have any teeth." and I then asked if they had heard of juicing. Her response was unlike anything I could have ever imagined, it was like the holy spirit entered her body as she began to speak "I just bought a juicer and I'm going to change what we eat, the reason we're so sick is because all the food we eat has preservatives and additives and chemicals our body doesn't know how to process, natural fruits and vegetables are what we're supposed to eat and we're going to do it, it's healthier for you, for me, for everyone." I wanted to scream for joy and for a split second I thought I was on Candid Camera and someone had given her a script of what I preach every chance I get. I asked my patient where she got this information and she said she read a book long ago that told the story of a woman who healed her cancer through a whole foods plant based diet. She had adopted her plan but it was only short-term and now she was dedicated to making a lifestyle change.
So needless to say, this was a blaring confirmation from the universe that I am on the right track and I just have to keep on keeping on. Thanks to Mrs. Johnson, my faith was restored. The amazing epiphany about all of this was I didn't do anything except coach her into realizing what she already knew. This was way more rewarding than just adding another medication to the list. Empowering my patients, giving them the tools to pull out what they already know if they just asked a few more questions, is the way I wish to practice medicine. I believe modern medicine is incredible and effective with acute situations, trauma, surgery, but for chronic diseases, the system needs healing and a band-aid in the form of a chemical is not the way.
So when you're ready to come along this incredible ride of health and wellness. I'm here for you. It's a slow process and a difficult one, but once you're on track, how you feel, your increased energy, the weight loss to a healthy weight (though I don't like focusing on this), your youthful glow, your increased energy, the self-confidence, the authentic joy, will all be worth it.  Did I mention the increased energy you'll have? A better life is possible, you just have to be ready and willing to take the first step and when you are, I'll be right there with you, cheering you on.

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